Wednesday, September 01, 2004


finally cleaned and moved out of 330 4th St. NE.

i been there about 4 1/2 years.

i really liked that place. the neighborhood was great, neighbors cool and my landladies were awesome at taking care of things.

a bit of sorrow as i moved out. all the ghosts ran through my head from that place. it was an intimate spot for me. i didn't have many people over very often as it was sort of like my own little womb full of my secrets. my secret life. i had a hard time there this past year. felt very depressed for a long time. a little uneasy in my own skin but often too afraid to jump out. or reach out.

i guess that is what moving is for. kind of forces you to take a risk and do something different. shake it up a little.

my mantra of late was to "purge my possessions". you never realise how much stuff you own and don't need until you have to move it all. i very much enjoyed having a garage sale and giving away many of the things i didn't need or want anymore. i certainly kept most of my music and other important things to me. but i felt a relief as i threw out all the old postcards, notes, birthday and holiday cards i for whatever reason couldn't let go of through the years.

i am staying at my folks(in my old bedroom!) until my brother, Jon, and i head down to Austin.

there is a grave stone dedication to my grandmother, Marilyn, who passed on last December on Sunday then we get the hell out of dodge Monday morning.

oh, the new Bjork is pretty amazing!!
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