Saturday, September 25, 2004

er something like that.

my new friend, Jason(whom i have never actually met) just recieved a piece i sent him that he bought from my last art show.

how fun is it to read his interpretaton of something i made as a psuedo collaboration with some young 12 year old girl who went to school in the neighborhood i used to live in:

so much about the discrepancies between a person's body/mind/mood and what's expected of them by societal responsibility. a girl preoccupied with puberty and boys is expected to get much out of 'the diary of anne frank' when she can't see what the history has to do with her. it serves to remind me that we only really understand a small percentage of what another person is going through at any given time. a good thing to remember.

"the diary of anne frank-er something like that" now hangs somewhere in Australia thanks to Jason and Shiloh who made it all happen. big ups!


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