Tuesday, August 17, 2004

pursuing justice.

man. i was at Staraoke at Grumpy's the other night and i saw some dude jack one of the prints from the wall.

i think i was rocking out playing air guitar while someone was singing "Jailbreak" er something and i saw this dude lift it down. i thought for a second he worked there and was like cleaning it or something. only he started to bolt out the back door to the patio with it.

he had his car running as by the time i ran out after him he was long gone down the road, too far to even get his liscense plate number.

that's weak dude.

in any case Mark the bartender hooked me up with a frosty Summit for trying. i didn't even know what i would've done had i nabbed him. karate chop him?!

but if you happen to have a friend who all of a sudden has a really cool graphic design print hanging in his bedroom then let the bar or me know or put a cap in his ass for me.

we got a really groovy sound together for the upcoming Clash tribute benefit night that's coming up.

Fri., August 27 at the Triple Rock.

it is a benefit for Jubilee USA. they are a pretty rad organization that raises awareness and makes efforts to free third world countries of thier debt. Joe Strummer was active in promoting the group before he passed.

i get to sing "Magnificent Seven".

i have never fronted a band before, so i hope all my karaoke efforts pay off!

"Blessed are you who has hallowed us with mitzvot and commanded us to pursue justice."

amen, brotha.


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