Monday, August 09, 2004

power pellets.

wonderful weekend.

spent a lot of time with Kristen, who is like a big sister to me. we went out fri. to El Norteno, the best mexican spot in town for my money. saw a rollicking Walker Kong set at the Turf Club.

chilled at the beach yesterday for a while. that was wonderful. it was sticky out so perfect for taking a dip in the lake.

we checked out a bit of the Uptown Art Fair. it is hard not to be cynical or snotty about that whole affair. so you just kinda take it in and figure out in your head where you fit in the melee.

i kinda agree with the notion that much of it isn't art, isn't fair and really has not much to do with Uptown as i think of it.(save for the excessive commerce)

no matter. any artist could drive themselves up a wall obsessing about their place in that world.

it was somewhat profound there was a food stand called "Forkless Ethnic Food" which was essentially this monolithic truck that had all these different shoots jutting from it. each with a different ethnicity of food that comes in this sandwich-like bread roll thingy. i couldn't quite figure it out. the line was huge for it. folks lined up for their jettisoned bit of culture convieniently encapsulated in a doughy power-pellet. i would have tried the ethiopian kind but didn't see one offered.

afterward i went and saw Tiki Obmar play their last show. Triple Rock was relatively full, though comfortable as i like it. it was an all ages show as i believe these guys are still in high school/college or something.

they have a cool sound: jazzy, ambient, rhythmic, lots of color and texture. like much music in that genre things get kind of samey after a while, so perhaps it's a good thing these guys are moving on individually. it's nice to see a band go out on a good note though and there was a good vibe and energy in the room. good work.


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