Tuesday, August 03, 2004

paddling down the Mississippi.

i am at Roadrunner. it is pretty quiet.

at least i get to have the door open and watch and sorta feel the rain.

Merle Haggard, Low, Shins, Franz Ferdinand have all made nice soundtracks for the rain.

movies and music was awesome last night. "Love with a Proper Stranger", a young Tom Bosley, Natalie Wood is gorgeous and the mack daddy Steve McQueen. The Owls impressed me more than they ever have in the past.

had drinks with my hero, John Kass, Karl(the girl Karl), Chip and this dude Andy from Subpop at the King and I. all great folks.

Mark Treehouse was throwing down soul 45's. always a good thing! sounded fantastic, great spirit all around.

i am playing a bunch of records there tonight with my man, Jay Buzenberg. i always enjoy that. when the vibe is right at the King and I it is like no where else.

there has been attempted DJ nights at other places i have partaken in and nothing matches it.

i have noticed three times in the last couple days people using the term "shameless promotion", which i don't completely understand the concept of.

in short, does it assume one should be shameful or not be proud of what they do? so as to not usually tell anyone about it?

certainly there are those who promote something that is perhaps no good. but if they feel it is and worth their time doing and something take pride in then why shouldn't they tell others? let them decide if they should've been shameful about it?

i recognize someone may feel imposing asking people to care about what they do. but if that is the case, why do they feel the need to mention it at all then?

i always appreciate sincerity and those that are earnest or real. if someone is shameful of something, or thinks they should be, then it is hard for me to be interested. i never assume they should feel shame if they are excited about what they do.

my cousin sent me an email the other day which she described as "shamelessly promoting" a charity event her and her friends were in.

she is paddling down the Mississippi for cancer awareness or something like that..

i was like dude, that rocks! be proud!


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