Wednesday, August 25, 2004

easier than being obscure.

i had no idea i would be in the actual print! my friend Jeff roped me into being a "mail-order husband" for Jane Magazine.

i thought it was just an online dating thing that they need men to sign up for. next thing i know i am getting random emails from all over.

they have all been nice and flattering. it is odd though.

then they end up doing a feature on Entertainment Tonight about the article?! hilarious!

they gave props to my friend Christopher who lives in San Francisco who is also a mail-order husband. i don't know what i wanted to come of this but it is fun seeing how easy to be "famous" it is. easier than being obscure, fo' sho'.

been packing and living without furniture this week. i sold most of everything at my garage sale this weekend. now i just gotta pack and clean, clean, clean.

i haven't cleaned anything in such a long time..


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