Saturday, August 07, 2004

big ideas.

i have had a big idea i wish to someday come true.

another i just thought of the other night that could be more likely.

it could be my life mission to start a campaign based on the idea of having Minnesota secede from the Union to become part of Canada.

how cool would that be?

for so many reasons i think MN would be an asset to Mother Canada. and the Canadian benefits to our lovely state are endless. namely, free health care, loose marijuana laws(MN has lots of farmland!!), mounties and lots of the beautiful ones. speaking of which, Prince lives there now!

sure, we'd lose our tough "northerner" status, but we'd become "southern" Canadians! say it out loud. think about it. over time Minnesotans would develop some sort of new "southern-Canadio-midwestern" drawl. sounds kinda sexy, dont-cha think? eh?

we got time to mull this one over. because you know if will never happen on Placenty's watch.

the other idea is simpler.

based on the idea of "language emursion" at a young age and the benefits to the mind to be able to communicate in other languages, i think it should be required that all two year olds be taught sign-language.

i think it could be easily taught, the parents would probably benefit in being able to communicate and teach vocabulary to their youngin's. and after all i think toddlers would think it was fun. there is often nothing more frusterating to little kids then when they can't communicate something. sign language could be a real outlet to them. i wonder if there is any studies on this..

i could go on and on about both topics. but i will them sink in for you now.

these are all ideas that were more or less thought up over pints in a bar. so like sure, you think they are willy nilly silly er something. but the former Mesopatemia, or what we gringos call "the Middle East" was drawn up on a cocktail napkin too. so they ain't so far fetched.

someone else thought of requiring that braile be put on our currency. this seems like a good idea too, but probably expensive. i guess it would increase the value of the dollar though, no?

in the meantime check out the new Fog "Live Performance Recording".

i am a big fan of all things Andy Broder. i believe he is very onto something.

if i had a million Canadian dollars i would commission him to write a new MN anthem.."Oh, Canada...Occupy Us!!" Posted by Hello


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