Sunday, August 01, 2004

best birthday ever.

had the best birthday ever.

really great time friday! so many of my close friends showed up and made it a wonderful party. love them so much.

tons of people i have either met in the last year or haven't seen in a while as well.

the music was really awesome. Paul mashed up the deejay style for a while and the Nice Canadians were fantastic! they handed out lyrics sheets and Canadian beer to everyone that wanted them. this dude Zach played the killer dance tunes later and got the crowd moving.

i have a hard time being the center of attention like that. there was so many people that i saw and didn't get to talk to but was so happy they were there. yay!

it also really makes me happy when my friends all get together and co-mingle. i seem to know many people from totally disparate circles so i enjoy the lovefest when the dance party breaks out.

last night i had dinner with my parents, Sam and Megan. they took me to Pizza Nea.*slurp* and then we saw the "Umbrellas of Chernbourg" at the Oak St. what a perfect night.

i wanted to go out later and see Mike play at Kim's party. but i started getting a massive headache as we drove home. i kinda thought it was because of the storm coming in, barometric pressure and all...who knows? but i laid down and fell asleep to SNL.

today i see the Twins day game against Boston with Jon and Dad. they just traded Mientkiewicz to Boston so he will be suited up against us. hah! Posted by Hello


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