Saturday, August 28, 2004

get your car outta that gear!

wow. the Clash Tribute benefit last night at The Triple Rock was stellar!

all bands, in true Joe Strummer fashion, knocked the crowd out!

much like last year, everyone was having a blast. the place wasn't too smoky and there seemed to be good vibes all around all night.

big ups to John Beggs and John Sandbo who threw down on the 1,2,3 and 4's in between sets mashing up the punk and reggae dub plate stylee!

you can still buy the awesome poster Aesthetic Apparatus made for the benefit(whilst supplies last!).

i pretty much forgot the words to "Magnificent Seven" so mumbled through and repeated over and over the ones i DID remember. seemed to work for most..

i had a great time putting together the band for our part of the evening. it is something i have always wanted to do. like in the old jazz drummer/bandleader tradition(Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Buddy Rich Big Band, Elvin Jones' Jazz Machine) of assembling musicians for the moment, with little rehearsal and getting a spontaneous performance and collaboration.

when the players are as good as this bunch i think it works best to play that way.

at least their playing detracted from my boffing the words. :)

props to Matt Potts, Yub Yu, Joe Munster, Kurt Froelich, Mike Brady and Paul Harding!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

easier than being obscure.

i had no idea i would be in the actual print! my friend Jeff roped me into being a "mail-order husband" for Jane Magazine.

i thought it was just an online dating thing that they need men to sign up for. next thing i know i am getting random emails from all over.

they have all been nice and flattering. it is odd though.

then they end up doing a feature on Entertainment Tonight about the article?! hilarious!

they gave props to my friend Christopher who lives in San Francisco who is also a mail-order husband. i don't know what i wanted to come of this but it is fun seeing how easy to be "famous" it is. easier than being obscure, fo' sho'.

been packing and living without furniture this week. i sold most of everything at my garage sale this weekend. now i just gotta pack and clean, clean, clean.

i haven't cleaned anything in such a long time..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

pursuing justice.

man. i was at Staraoke at Grumpy's the other night and i saw some dude jack one of the prints from the wall.

i think i was rocking out playing air guitar while someone was singing "Jailbreak" er something and i saw this dude lift it down. i thought for a second he worked there and was like cleaning it or something. only he started to bolt out the back door to the patio with it.

he had his car running as by the time i ran out after him he was long gone down the road, too far to even get his liscense plate number.

that's weak dude.

in any case Mark the bartender hooked me up with a frosty Summit for trying. i didn't even know what i would've done had i nabbed him. karate chop him?!

but if you happen to have a friend who all of a sudden has a really cool graphic design print hanging in his bedroom then let the bar or me know or put a cap in his ass for me.

we got a really groovy sound together for the upcoming Clash tribute benefit night that's coming up.

Fri., August 27 at the Triple Rock.

it is a benefit for Jubilee USA. they are a pretty rad organization that raises awareness and makes efforts to free third world countries of thier debt. Joe Strummer was active in promoting the group before he passed.

i get to sing "Magnificent Seven".

i have never fronted a band before, so i hope all my karaoke efforts pay off!

"Blessed are you who has hallowed us with mitzvot and commanded us to pursue justice."

amen, brotha.

Monday, August 09, 2004

power pellets.

wonderful weekend.

spent a lot of time with Kristen, who is like a big sister to me. we went out fri. to El Norteno, the best mexican spot in town for my money. saw a rollicking Walker Kong set at the Turf Club.

chilled at the beach yesterday for a while. that was wonderful. it was sticky out so perfect for taking a dip in the lake.

we checked out a bit of the Uptown Art Fair. it is hard not to be cynical or snotty about that whole affair. so you just kinda take it in and figure out in your head where you fit in the melee.

i kinda agree with the notion that much of it isn't art, isn't fair and really has not much to do with Uptown as i think of it.(save for the excessive commerce)

no matter. any artist could drive themselves up a wall obsessing about their place in that world.

it was somewhat profound there was a food stand called "Forkless Ethnic Food" which was essentially this monolithic truck that had all these different shoots jutting from it. each with a different ethnicity of food that comes in this sandwich-like bread roll thingy. i couldn't quite figure it out. the line was huge for it. folks lined up for their jettisoned bit of culture convieniently encapsulated in a doughy power-pellet. i would have tried the ethiopian kind but didn't see one offered.

afterward i went and saw Tiki Obmar play their last show. Triple Rock was relatively full, though comfortable as i like it. it was an all ages show as i believe these guys are still in high school/college or something.

they have a cool sound: jazzy, ambient, rhythmic, lots of color and texture. like much music in that genre things get kind of samey after a while, so perhaps it's a good thing these guys are moving on individually. it's nice to see a band go out on a good note though and there was a good vibe and energy in the room. good work.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

big ideas.

i have had a big idea i wish to someday come true.

another i just thought of the other night that could be more likely.

it could be my life mission to start a campaign based on the idea of having Minnesota secede from the Union to become part of Canada.

how cool would that be?

for so many reasons i think MN would be an asset to Mother Canada. and the Canadian benefits to our lovely state are endless. namely, free health care, loose marijuana laws(MN has lots of farmland!!), mounties and lots of the beautiful ones. speaking of which, Prince lives there now!

sure, we'd lose our tough "northerner" status, but we'd become "southern" Canadians! say it out loud. think about it. over time Minnesotans would develop some sort of new "southern-Canadio-midwestern" drawl. sounds kinda sexy, dont-cha think? eh?

we got time to mull this one over. because you know if will never happen on Placenty's watch.

the other idea is simpler.

based on the idea of "language emursion" at a young age and the benefits to the mind to be able to communicate in other languages, i think it should be required that all two year olds be taught sign-language.

i think it could be easily taught, the parents would probably benefit in being able to communicate and teach vocabulary to their youngin's. and after all i think toddlers would think it was fun. there is often nothing more frusterating to little kids then when they can't communicate something. sign language could be a real outlet to them. i wonder if there is any studies on this..

i could go on and on about both topics. but i will them sink in for you now.

these are all ideas that were more or less thought up over pints in a bar. so like sure, you think they are willy nilly silly er something. but the former Mesopatemia, or what we gringos call "the Middle East" was drawn up on a cocktail napkin too. so they ain't so far fetched.

someone else thought of requiring that braile be put on our currency. this seems like a good idea too, but probably expensive. i guess it would increase the value of the dollar though, no?

in the meantime check out the new Fog "Live Performance Recording".

i am a big fan of all things Andy Broder. i believe he is very onto something.

if i had a million Canadian dollars i would commission him to write a new MN anthem.."Oh, Canada...Occupy Us!!" Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Vige in City Pages.

my good friend Virginia has her first ever published piece in the City Pages today!!

pretty serious stuff. way to go Vige!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

paddling down the Mississippi.

i am at Roadrunner. it is pretty quiet.

at least i get to have the door open and watch and sorta feel the rain.

Merle Haggard, Low, Shins, Franz Ferdinand have all made nice soundtracks for the rain.

movies and music was awesome last night. "Love with a Proper Stranger", a young Tom Bosley, Natalie Wood is gorgeous and the mack daddy Steve McQueen. The Owls impressed me more than they ever have in the past.

had drinks with my hero, John Kass, Karl(the girl Karl), Chip and this dude Andy from Subpop at the King and I. all great folks.

Mark Treehouse was throwing down soul 45's. always a good thing! sounded fantastic, great spirit all around.

i am playing a bunch of records there tonight with my man, Jay Buzenberg. i always enjoy that. when the vibe is right at the King and I it is like no where else.

there has been attempted DJ nights at other places i have partaken in and nothing matches it.

i have noticed three times in the last couple days people using the term "shameless promotion", which i don't completely understand the concept of.

in short, does it assume one should be shameful or not be proud of what they do? so as to not usually tell anyone about it?

certainly there are those who promote something that is perhaps no good. but if they feel it is and worth their time doing and something take pride in then why shouldn't they tell others? let them decide if they should've been shameful about it?

i recognize someone may feel imposing asking people to care about what they do. but if that is the case, why do they feel the need to mention it at all then?

i always appreciate sincerity and those that are earnest or real. if someone is shameful of something, or thinks they should be, then it is hard for me to be interested. i never assume they should feel shame if they are excited about what they do.

my cousin sent me an email the other day which she described as "shamelessly promoting" a charity event her and her friends were in.

she is paddling down the Mississippi for cancer awareness or something like that..

i was like dude, that rocks! be proud!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

best birthday ever.

had the best birthday ever.

really great time friday! so many of my close friends showed up and made it a wonderful party. love them so much.

tons of people i have either met in the last year or haven't seen in a while as well.

the music was really awesome. Paul mashed up the deejay style for a while and the Nice Canadians were fantastic! they handed out lyrics sheets and Canadian beer to everyone that wanted them. this dude Zach played the killer dance tunes later and got the crowd moving.

i have a hard time being the center of attention like that. there was so many people that i saw and didn't get to talk to but was so happy they were there. yay!

it also really makes me happy when my friends all get together and co-mingle. i seem to know many people from totally disparate circles so i enjoy the lovefest when the dance party breaks out.

last night i had dinner with my parents, Sam and Megan. they took me to Pizza Nea.*slurp* and then we saw the "Umbrellas of Chernbourg" at the Oak St. what a perfect night.

i wanted to go out later and see Mike play at Kim's party. but i started getting a massive headache as we drove home. i kinda thought it was because of the storm coming in, barometric pressure and all...who knows? but i laid down and fell asleep to SNL.

today i see the Twins day game against Boston with Jon and Dad. they just traded Mientkiewicz to Boston so he will be suited up against us. hah! Posted by Hello