Sunday, July 25, 2004

he was just 24.

man. i am not good at keeping up with this blog. i almost forgot i even had it!

introspective as always i feel i should get back into it. 'specially with all the changes coming up for me lately.

last night i DJed with Moses an old work acquaintence, Julie's wedding. i never met her fiance before. but he and the whole family and friends were really nice. everyone seemed to have a blast which was good as we thought it'd be sorta dead crowd when we first got there. i am always happy when we pull off a good night for people. most DJ's dis on the whole wedding gig thing. i feel it often an honor to be a part of this night for people. and when things are going well(and the parents aren't being total dicks) i feel like i am doing something bringing these people and families together. plus the money is always better than a club gig, even if i have to hear "love shack" for the billionth time!

this morning i woke up from a dream i had where i was telling Rush Limbaugh off at some lecture he was having at the Oak St. of all places?! i don't remember exactly what it was but i caught him up in a lie he was telling about me and how we were friends or something and the whole room was silent when i called him on it.

i also had a dream about an old junior high buddy of mine who died six years ago. no surprise as he pops into my head a lot sometimes. especially since today is the anniversary of his passing. he and i were great friends, though lost touch in high school and college. but when teenagers we spent a lot of time getting into music and learning how to play. Adam was a genius and could learn any song on guitar and commit it to memory in a really short time. his brother had an enourmous drum set he used to let me use. it was like ten pieces and modelled after Neil Peart's of Rush. we loved Rush, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Metallica(the last band i remember seeing with Adam when they did their "evening with Metallica" show at the Target Center back in '90 or '91). we also got into rap quite a bit: Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, RUN-DMC, BDP. in high school we tried to get our danceline to do a routine to "Welcome to the Terrordome".. in Minnetonka, ya right!

i visited his grave today. it was nice and beauftiful out this morning. i cried a bit, left flowers. thought about a lot of stuff we used to do. and what it'd be like to have him around today. i can't even imagine. i was surprised it had been six years and even started talking to the woman working in the office of the cemetary about him when she pulled up his file to locate his plot for me. man, he was just 24?! crazy. anyway, i always know he is around somewhere. it is a really comforting thought actually.

now i am putting off packing my things. i am getting ready to leave my apartment i have lived in for about 4 and a half years. i am going to be housesitting this Fall/Winter in Austin, Texas for another old friend, Anne. she is letting me stay rent free to check out the scene down there. i am excited about avoiding the winter here and any prospects that might come about being in a different town. i have lived here most my life and as i am celebrating my 30th this week i feel it is a good time to shake things up as i have been down about Minneapolis for a while now. i will miss a lot about it, mostly my friends and the summer time. but i hope to come back someday.

probably sooner than i know..


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