Thursday, May 27, 2004

geroge michael on oprah.

got my car broken into the other day. sorta. it was pretty much my fault as i had my window open just enough to allow a skinny armed thief to unlock the door and have their way with my stuff.

they took my cheap little discman and a mixer i had in the backseat. i had a bag of CD's in the front seat that they didn't even touch(?). i was glad about that but thought it was a bit odd. they did take the new My Morning Jacket CD that was in the discman though. doh!

did the Voltage Amplified fashion event at the Ave. last night. wow! that was awesome! i've never seen a fashion show like that before. Anna made this crazy hat for me to wear. i got to play a bunch of great music. lots of classic rock and brazillian funk found their way to the decks. everyone looked stunning and seemed to be having a blast and things got kinda naughty at the afterbar..yow!

took pal Virginia from Virginia to the airport today(she's going to Virginia). had sushi lunch with the General. picked up a piece i've been working on since December from Picturebook. i am super happy with it and can't wait to show it! it's hard to explain, but it's a mucho high concept collaboration i started out of sheer isolated boredom last winter.

crashed and woke up to see George Michael on Oprah. funny because i been planning on busting out "careless whisper" at karaoke thursday!

going to hang out at the "men's club" tonight. bascially a bunch of nerdy guys sitting around drinking beer, smokin' spleefs and listening to old records in his little clubhouse in back. ladies are always welcome but don't seem to dig that kind of thing. besides i just about had a rupture after seeing all the beautifuls at First Ave. last night. i need to find a balance. seen?

listening to a demo from Suzanne, "Water table is high".
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